Farina 00 – Sicilian Style Pizza Launch

One of our favourite places to eat on King William Road, Goodwood is Farina 00 Pasta & Wine. The restaurant is best known for its specialty fresh pasta dishes, many of which are created exclusively in-house made from local and imported Italian produce. "We feel we have gained the trust of Adelaide with our freshly made pasta but want to give ourselves another challenge. Everyone loves Pizza, so why not give our customers another reason to love us!", says owner Lewis Marro.

In-house made Pasta

Tempting Palates were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Sicilian style Pizzas thanks to the ladies at Girl About Town and boy, did we love the Pizzas!

Pizza Specialist Chef Domenico Messina

Lewis Marro is a perfectionist which doesn't only show in the pride he puts into his pasta but also in the way he has perfected the Sicilian style Pizzas on offer. To help him do that he imported a top of the range genuine Italian Pizza oven from Verona, Italy and hired a Specialist Pizza Chef, Domenico Messina. "Domenico comes from Sicily where he was a chef restaurant owner for many years and has grown up immersing himself in Sicilian cooking. He will be bringing the distinct and unrivaled flavours of the island to Adelaide", says Lewis.

Imported Pizza Oven

The pizzas are made using imported D.O.P San Marzano Tomatoes as well as specialty Italian flour to create the authentic flavours of Sicily.

Fickle - San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior di Latte, artichokes, mushrooms, ham, Kalamata olives, franks

Parmigana - San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior di Latte, fried eggplant, mint ricotta

Bizzare Cheese - Fior di Latte, Gorgonzola, Provolone Dolce, Grana Padana, nutmeg, fresh fig, chilli honey

Whether you're a meat lover, cheese lover or vegetarian there is a pizza for everyone to fall in love with. Even though we love anything with eggplant we did fall in love with the Bizzare Cheese pizza a little bit more...sorry, Parmigana!

Farina 00 Pasta & Wine's new Pizza menu currently consists of 10 delicious choices, with plans to extend the range in the near future. If you are already a fan of Farina's pasta dishes do yourselves a favour and go back to try their Pizza range and if you haven't tried either yet, please book yourselves in today, pronto!

Where:  Farina 00 Pasta & Wine, 128 King William Rd, Goodwood, SA 5034.

Open: Mon-Thu 5pm - 11pm, Fri-Sun 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 11pm

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