Drakes Supermarkets Launch the Charcoal Slow BBQ Products

Drakes Supermarkets have opened a new store in Wayville and it’s a true “fresh food” place to shop. This stunning new store boasts new features like freshly squeezed orange juice on tap, a pop-corn stand, Nonna’s Kitchen where you can purchase freshly made pasta and the best one of all that we loved - Kombucha on tap! Another new feature that Drakes Supermarkets, under the Foodland banner, are introducing is their new Charcoal Slow Products. BBQ meats that are specifically for low and slow charcoal barbequing. Tempting Palates were treated to a hearty BBQ’d menu out the front of the new store and it was an unforgettable night!

Kombucha on Tap!

Chef Kaneo Boase from Adelaide’s Up In Smoke BBQ Competition was our chef for the night cooking up a right BBQ storm feast! Each menu item was matched with beverages from Vale Brewing supplied by the Bickfords Group. On the menu was:

  • Pork Belly burnt End Tacos
  • Pulled Pork Sliders (Korean Style)
  • Tennessee Style Dry Ribs
  • Texas Style Brisket
  • Greek Lamb Shoulder (Kleftiko)
  • Sides of Apple Slaw, Truffle Mac & Cheese and Fried Cauliflower with Bacon Ranch Sauce

Pork Belly Burnt End Tacos - Photo courtesy of Dougal McFuzzelbutt

All the meat was slow cooked over clean heat charcoal and was simply divine. The pork was tender and the brisket had a lovely smoky flavour. The lamb was juicy and perfectly cooked while the highlight of the night was the Ribs. They had a tangy, spicy kick and the meat was cooked to perfection. Everyone commented on the quality of the meat as well as the way it was cooked.

Tennessee Style Dry Ribs - Photo courtesy of Dougal Mcfuzzelbutt

All Drakes Supermarkets offer a new range of meats specifically for low and slow BBQ-ing which you cook at home. So, the great thing is, if you decide at the last minute you want to charcoal cook some meat you can now purchase the range of meat designed perfectly for this kind of BBQ-ing. Drakes Supermarkets have a great range of pork, beef and lamb to choose from which are all SA based suppliers keeping with the buy local mantra.

Thanks to the Man of Meat himself – Dougal McFuzzelbutt from Mcfuzzelbutts Manchen for the invite to eat a feast of quality cooked meat and drink some amazing beverages from another great SA company – the Bickfords Group.

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