Adelaide Fringe Recommendations

It's Fringe time and we thought it's time to recommend some great shows we've seen over the past week. With over 1200 shows to choose from how do you make the decision of what ones to see? Yeah it's not that easy believe us! So we've tried to make is a little easier by giving you a snap shot of some different and eclectic shows that we personally have seen and recommend.

Laurie Black is a little gem of a find at this year's Adelaide Fringe.

Laurie Black is one helluva fearless and incredibly talented artist. Her interaction will have you paying attention from the second she walks on stage. If she tells you to sing along to a song you've never heard before you find yourself singing it! Armed with a list of original and unique songs she will captivate and intrigue you at the same time. Laurie is playing at 3 shows this year so make sure you get to one or even all three!

Laurie Black: Live
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Bad Luck Cabaret
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Anya Anastasia
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Pic courtesy of Laurie Black and Thierry Franco


ALFIE ORDINARY - Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous.
Alfie Ordinary, is the UK's Drag Prince. Telling us how he is the son of a Drag Queen gives you an insight to what "fabulous" stories he has to tell and how he will tell them! With a little help from his sidekick (Whitney Houston) and others he takes you on a "dazzlingly sequinned" ride having you in stitches all the way.

Alfie Ordinary - Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous
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Alfie Ordinary


Red Bastard’s energy is infectious, and he certainly knows how to command your attention. He pushes the limit to your moral boundary and makes you question “Are there rules even when there are no rules?”. His honesty eats away at you and leaves you wondering about your own morality. Oh just a FYI - only he knows how to make eating a mango very seductive!

Red Bastard: Lie With Me
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Red Bastard


Frankly sings her original list of songs with a quirky yet very honest take on events that have happened in her life. We could relate to her awkward tales of life and found her warm and cheeky sense of humour a refreshing approach to her storytelling. A charming yet outspoken character, she will definitely have you enchanted.

Frankly - Publicly Private
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Frankly. Pic courtesy of Dylan Minchenberg


Michael Shafar is a comedian excited to serve up Kosher Bacon at Adelaide. “It's a show about things that make no sense, like how my local politician used to be the DJ at all of our friends' bar mitzvah parties. We thought that was normal." The shows will be at Adelaide's The German Club, which is certainly the perfect venue for a nice Jewish boy.

Kosher Bacon - Michael Shafar
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Michael Shafar

As The Power Station once said “Some Like It Hot and some sweat when the heat is on”, well the crew from Fuego Carnal like it hot but they don’t sweat! From the thunderous introduction to get you in the mood, the next 60 minutes is full of fire, whips, and fearless acrobatic stunts that will leave you in awe. All the different elements of the show come together with a common theme of fire. You will cringe at the knife licking, be amazed at the fire burning stunts, laugh at the fun and cheeky banter and be mesmerised by the acrobatics

Basically, this show is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Fuego Carnal
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This show is definitely a fun tribute and the Two Brunettes and Gay have mastered the “CABAGAY” style with this energetic show, a genre they proudly invented. Expect audience interaction, dancing in the aisles and lots of fun and laughter. It's a show with hits from all the modern day queens to the queens of yesteryear!

Two Brunettes and a Gay
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Paul Dabek is back again and his latest show Encore is even funnier, saucier and naughtier than ever. Every year we go and never quite know what to expect which is the fun part of a Paul Dabek show. His sharp and politically incorrect wit will have you in fits of laughter. If you think cards, bananas or magic ropes are standard magician tricks then think again when it comes to Paul Dabek. Without giving too much away let’s just say you will be stunned and in awe. Oh and you will be laughing uncontrollably, that’s a given.

Paul Dabek - Encore
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The I Hate Children Children's Show Rock and Roll Spectacular!
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From the team behind The Magnets and the Soweto Gospel Choir come 9 very talented, charming (and cute!) guys turning the stage into a pub singing and dancing well known hits and involving the audience in some of it. If you like music and beer you will love this show as much as we did. This show was a hit at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and we can see and hear why! This is one not to miss.

Choir of Man
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From the creators of Pappilon! one of the headline shows of this years Fringe is Rouge. Rouge offers a great blend of grown up circus, burlesque, acrobatics and cabaret. This show had us mesmerized from the first minute to the last and we were at the edge of our chairs watching some of the acrobatics in this show. It was funny, risqué, beautiful, and full of good music - all in one. All these elements make for a classic Fringe show that we highly recommend.

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Scaled rogue

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