Dinner at Mexican Society

Mexican Society has been around for a while and rightly so as it's a favourite among those who love their Mexican food. It helps that the Chefs are from Mexico and add that authentic touch to the menu so we decided to revisit and get our Mexican fix.

While you can choose between two Banquet options at $42 or $55 each, we like to choose our own "destiny"and selected a variety of dishes that suited our palate. But first - a cocktail! We started with a Sauco Sour consisting of
gin, St Germain, lemon, hibiscus syrup and egg white which was a perfect start to the evening.

Sauco Sour Cocktail

It's always difficult to choose from a menu when there is so many delicious sounding options but we managed to finally decide on the Prawn Taco, Cauliflower Taco, Duck Nachos, Crispy Mexican Eggplant (from the specials board), Char-grilled Octopus and the Lime & Cilantro Chicken.

The Habanero Prawn Taco with tempura prawn, coleslaw, lettuce, pickled onion and green habanero sauce in a flour tortilla was one of our favourite dishes. The prawn was lightly fried tempura style and gave a lovely crunch on the palate to the soft tortilla. The spicy habanero sauce gave it a big kick with each bite.

Habanero Prawn Taco

The Cauliflower Taco with chipotle cauliflower, carrot & red cabbage salad, vegan mayonesa on a flour tortilla is the perfect option for vegans. A nice crunchy cauliflower together with the spicy chipotle and the nicely marinated salad makes this dish full of flavours.

Cauliflower Taco

Our standout and favourite dish that we continue to rave about is the Duck Nachos. With braised duck, tortilla chips, spicy hoisin sauce, corn, salsa, queso & crema this was a super loaded nachos dish. No skimping on duck here just a bowl full of spicy hoison marinated duck meat and creamy cheese salsa with added freshly cut corn on the cob pieces. How they can add so much in one bowl with a tasty tomato salsa and still have the corn chips on the bottom crispy just has us in awe and wonder? This is a must order dish!

Duck Nachos

The Crispy Mexican Eggplant with smokey capsicum and chipotle puree was a smokey flavoured heavenly delight. Lots of punch and spice with each bite into the crunchy and crispy eggplant. One for the vegetarians and vegans.

Crispy Mexican Eggplant

The Baja California Style Char-grilled Octopus is a big generous serving of grilled octopus tentacle, parsley pesto, tomato cucumber and onion salsa with guajillo dressing. The juicy and meaty octopus had lots of lovely charcoal flavours and together with the tomato cumber and onion salsa with guajillo was a fresh, spicy accompaniment.

Baja California Style Char-grilled Octopus

The Lime and Cilantro Chicken is roasted chicken, soy-guajillo sauce, roasted rosemary butternut squash, chard mini
cucumber, fresh jalapeno, cilantro and lime.The chicken was tender and the flavours were light, fresh and fruity with a spicy kick of fresh jalapeno.

Lime and Cilantro Chicken

We did save some room for dessert but only one to share and we decided on the Ice Cream Sandwich. This was a Mexican doughnut with house made cajeta icecream, cinnamon, toasted dry cherries and almonds. Oh, what a delight! The churro dough was made into a round layer and was the base and top for the sandwich while the ice cream in the centre was deliciously creamy. The almonds added a insatiable crunchy texture blending nicely with the soft ice cream that we just couldn't get enough of. A great mix of sweet and crunchy and the perfect end to a meal.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The Mexican Society had us licking our lips. We were impressed with the focus on Mexican flavours and textures of all the menu options. The service was outstanding. Our waiter for the evening was attentive, fun and friendly. The lovely lady was happy to attend to all our requests which made the evening more enjoyable. This place is the whole package - great food, great service and great atmosphere. Oh, and make sure you order the Duck Nachos!


Where: Mexican Society 140 Gouger St, Adelaide
Open: Lunch Thur – Fri from 12:00pm & Dinner Tues – Sun from 5:30pm

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