The Greek on Halifax Turns 15!

The Greek on Halifax has become a well-known restaurant in the quieter end of the Adelaide CBD, where the aroma from their dishes fills up the street with a sense of true Greek authenticity. A family-owned business, The Greek brings with it eclectic influences from the islands of Rhodes and Kastellorizo, as well as neighbouring Cyprus.

Having recently celebrated 15 years of successful trading, The Greek held a luncheon, where guests were treated to a number of dishes that have captured the essence of true Greek cuisine.

Starting off with appetizers, the table was graced with the presence of the Four Island dips, which includes options of Skordalia, Pantzarosalata, Taramasalata and Tzatziki.

Skordalia - potato, garlic & lemon, served with pita

Pantzarosalata - beetroot, coriander, cumin & yoghurt, served with pita

Taramasalata - fish roe, served with pita

Tzatziki - yoghurt, cucumber & garlic, served with pita

Each of these dips is easy and subtle on the palate, with my favourite being the Pantzarosalata - not only because of the richness in its color, but also in its taste. Each of these dips serves as a crowd pleaser and is best enjoyed sharing with a group of friends.

The Saganaki Kefalograviera comes with grilled Cypriot cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, lemon & olive oil. Another delicious delight to the tastebuds, the cheese is simple in presentation and exquisite in flavour. It has a brilliant balance of soft and creamy with firm and bitey.

Saganaki Kefalograviera

The Krokettes are zucchini & cheese croquettes, served with skordalia (potato and garlic dip) had a super soft and easy texture to munch on. It was satisfying to devour and still left room for more dishes to be enjoyed.


There are two options of salad that we sampled, including:

  • Grape, rocket, & haloumi salad - served with grilled Haloumi, grapes and a mixture of rocket and baby spinach leaves, topped with crumbled walnuts and drizzled with a honey, lemon and olive oil dressing.
  • Horiatiki Greek Salata - traditional Greek village salad that is packed with fresh tomato, red onion, cucumber, feta & Kalamata olives, dressed with lemon & olive oil

Grape, rocket, & haloumi salad

Horiatiki Greek Salata

Bursting with fresh flavours and all the healthy ingredients, the salads are ideal to enjoy as lunch on the go!

The Kalamari Tiganito is so much more than your average salt and pepper squid and comes with lightly fried calamari, served with a chickpea, capsicum, red onion & parsley salad. The calamari presented with a crispy outer layer that was generously dusted in salt and pepper and had juicy meat waiting as a surprise within. Safe to say we had well more than just a plate and could’ve easily gone for thirds, fourths, and more!

Kalamari Tiganito

One dish that helped me reach beyond my comfort zone was the Sikotakia - chicken livers that are pan-fried with sautéed onions & wine, and served with grilled village bread. This was a delightful surprise that took away the attention from the fact that these were chicken livers and presented with sweet and savoury flavours that complemented each other brilliantly.


The Moreton Bay bugs were another dish that pushed me to experiment with my culinary choices. Forgetting the word “bugs”, the Moreton Bay bugs were served with a herb, garlic, cucumber, mesculin & red onion salad. The presentation was appealing (to say the least). While it took a bit of skill to maneuver through the shell, the meat was chargrilled and had a zesty, citrusy taste from the lemon & olive oil dressing.

Moreton Bay bugs

The Octapothi Souvlaki with roasted chickpeas and lemon drizzle is pretty much a seafood lover's idea of heaven. The octopus had a subtle smoky flavour from being chargrilled, which was further enhanced in its taste by the lemon-drizzled chickpeas.


Octapothi Souvlaki

The Paithakia are marinated lamb cutlets, which are char-grilled and served on a village-style couscous. Cooked to present with a succulent texture, the meat melted off the bone beautifully. No judgment in being messy with this dish - that’s how you show gratitude to such an epic meal, right?


The Souvlaki comes with skewered, char-grilled fillets of lamb, chicken or a mix of both, served on a bed of rice. We tried the chicken version, which was, again, chargrilled beautifully and the strong spices were balanced well by the accompaniment of the rice on the side.


All in all, it was a luncheon that left us well and truly full in our happy bellies and it’s safe to say that the guests at The Greek are well taken care of, by their staff. With its most recent renovations, the decor presents with a cross between modernity and traditional Greek culture, which also has a strong focus around family values. Each room within the restaurant is unique - whether it’s chairs hung upside down, ceilings decorated in wine bottle corks, or nostalgic family photos from generations ago. There’s a story in every corner and each as colorful as the last. Next time you find yourself down that side of town, do go in and have a feast with the fine folk at The Greek.

Special thanks to Natalie Renna from Mercy Me Marketing for the invite, to Markus Hamence for being an excellent host, and to the team at The Greek on Halifax for their incredible hospitality.


Words & Photos: Fatema Sitabkhan


Where: The Greek on Halifax 75-79 Halifax St, Adelaide

Open: Breakfast Monday to Friday 8:00am - 11:30pm & Saturday to Sunday 8:30 - 11:30am, Lunch 12:00pm - 3:00pm 7 Days a Week and Dinner Sunday to Thursday 6:00pm - 9:00pm & Friday to Saturday 6:00pm - 10:00pm

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