Hey Pizzalovers You Need Hey Bianca!

Attention all pizza-lovers, there’s a new, tech-savvy way to order fresh Napoli style pizza straight to your doorstep.

http://ashleewells.com/wp-content/uploads/pp/static/1502375085_mobile.js Just launched, BIANCA is Adelaide’s first vertical integrated pizza restaurant. Boasting a mouth-watering menu designed specifically for delivery, BIANCA will change the way people order their Napolitano and Sicilian pizzas.

enter The dynamic duo behind BIANCA, Aman Takhar and Jason Cross, are excited for their new venture, following the launch of the highly successful Mlkman delivery service in 2015.

http://room8-hair.com/about/ Aman Takhar says, “During our time at Mlkman, Neapolitan pizza was a top seller on the app and we are personally huge fans of this style of pizza... We noticed an inconsistency when Napoli style pizza was delivered as it often arrived cold and soggy - traditionally it’s made to be eaten in-house, straight out the hot oven.

“We found a solution for this by utilising better cooking equipment as well as perfecting the dough making and stretching processes,” says Aman Takhar.

Situated in the CBD on Pultney Street, Bianca’s purpose-built kitchen comes complete with stone based electric ovens where pizzas will be made fresh to order for delivery.

“We’re focusing purely on the deliverability of the pizza which is why our menu is designed to ensure sustainable quality throughout the entire delivery process. Because we’re a delivery only restaurant, the change in business model means we can offer the same high quality Napoli pizza up to 20% cheaper than the rest of the market, with deliveries set at $5 up to 6km out of the CBD,” says Aman Takhar

BIANCA offers two varieties of pizza, traditional Napoli style and grandma style – a New York square pizza with a thick cut base. Customers will order through the user-friendly app, specifically built with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Jason Cross says, “Customers have the ability to place, modify and track their orders in real time when using the BIANCA app...

“With 12 different styles of pizzas on offer, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options as well as a variety of drinks available, there’s definitely something to suit everyone. The margarita pizza is expected to be a cult favourite thanks to its minimalistic recipe that allows the traditional flavours to shine through.

The team at BIANCA aren’t just about good quality food; they’re also passionate about giving back to the community and will have a meal for a meal program.

Aman Takhar says, “For every meal ordered through BIANCA, we will donate a meal back to Foodbank, which is what we are most proud of.”

The BIANCA app is free to download from the app store for iOS (Android to follow in the coming months) and users can take advantage of no delivery fees until 11 October 2017.

Words and Photos by Girl About Town

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