Wholly Belly Is The Gem of Magill Road

Suburban cafes and food joints within Adelaide have long being gone unnoticed and are starting to gain traction in their popularity in recent months. There’s a unique charm and sense of ambience that is enjoyed by customers and visitors who venture out of the city and are welcomed with a more inviting, community feel.

One such cafe that we recently visited is Wholly Belly. A small, family-owned business (owned by Glenn and Mary Smith) that is tucked away less than 10 minutes out of town by driving on Magill Road, the food joint possesses a vibe that congregates people from all walks of life to simply sit down and enjoy a cuppa or a wholesome wood-fired pizza in peace.

Specializing in hand rolled wood fired bagels, wraps, pizzas, and much more, the menu is small but concise enough to be able to make a decision without spending too long flipping between the pages. The price range of the items available for purchases here are decent and affordable (particularly if dining on a student budget and with 1-2 people) - sides range from $4.90 - $9.90, pizzas from $13.90 - $16.90, wraps from $11.90 - $13.90, and breakfast meals from $8.90 - $17.90.

As co-owner Mary Smith had a chat with us during our dining service, Wholly Belly is hoping to bring back a vibrant sense of enjoying Friday in the suburbs, through their Supper Club, which runs from 6pm and offers customers with their choice of starters, all-you-can-eat pizzas, and dessert for just $32 (adults). There’s also a special for kids - $10 for their choice from schnitzels or pizzas.

For drinks, we had a hot chocolate and peppermint tea. The drinks were served with cute latte art and gave the much-needed morning kick!

For food, we had the chicken pesto pizza, which was served with a pesto base and topped with chicken, basil, sundried tomato, feta, and rocket. There really is something different and satisfying about biting into the crust of a pizza that has been cooked wood fired style! The subtly smoky flavours, coupled with the fresh taste of the rocket, and the tenderly cooked chicken pieces made for a delightful meal for two. The pesto base is a surprise to the tastebuds (compared to the pizza sauce base that is the norm) - and a pleasant one at that!

Chicken Pesto Pizza

We also tried the sweet and spicy bagel, which was served with harissa-spiced pumpkin, baby spinach, honey, and toasted sesame seeds. While the bagels were a tad spicy for my liking, the bagel is generously-sized and perfect for sharing with 1-2 people. The spiciness from the pumpkin was well balanced by the cooling taste from the spinach and honey.

Sweet and Spicy Bagel

The hospitality of the staff is also commendable - everyone is friendly and determined to deliver the best possible service, which is a huge deciding factor for me (personally) as it does add to the dining experience in a big way.

Chef Marco Saibene with his creation - The Porky with 10 hour wood-fried pork, red onion, fresh basil, crispy jalapeños

Wholly Belly stands true to its name, as we experienced a whole and satisfied belly after our dining experience at this cute little food joint. Offering options that are healthy and delicious, coupled with a seriously calming interior that makes dining in a breeze, you’ll want to give this food joint a go, next time you find yourself around that side of town.


Words by: Fatema Sitabkhan

Where: Wholly Belly 24 Magill Rd, Norwood

Open: Monday -Closed, Tuesday & Wednesday - 8:00am - 3:00pm, Thursday & Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm and Saturday & Sunday 8:00am - 2:00pm


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