KIK Coffee Opens Second Store in Light Square

KIK Coffee is a brand new coffee shop that has opened their doors on Light Square, after successfully launching their business in Modbury over 8 months ago.

New KIK Coffee store in Light Square

But what makes this coffee shop stand out from the rest of them? After all, a coffee is a coffee, right?

What if buying one cup of coffee meant that you'd be helping towards creating opportunities for the disadvantaged youth? That's what Louise Nobes, chief executive of InspiredBUY, sought out to do. With a strong background in social work, Nobes embarked on the social enterprise and created the KIK project as a way for the disadvantaged youth of Adelaide (particularly in the northern and north-eastern suburbs) to have a better chance of living a life wouldn’t be cursed by depression, abuse, or violence. Young people with disabilities are also encouraged to participate in the program, so that they are defined more by their abilities, rather than focusing on their disabilities. Offering traineeships and apprenticeships to this target crowd, all participants are able to develop skills that not only work well for them in the professional context, but also provides them with the ability to excel in their personal lives as well.

Louise Nobes with KIK Coffee staffer Mitch Green

The new cafe on Light Square is brought to life with lots of natural lighting and while the space is small, it is welcoming and offers a positive atmosphere. Customers can expect to enjoy warm and snuggly cups of coffee and take advantage of the $2 toastie deal with a regular drink. The idea and location of this cafe is to appeal to everyone from students to the office crowd, who are looking for a place that offers a range of options that are filling, satisfying, affordable and convenient to meet their daily breakfast/brunch/lunch needs.   The hospitality of the staff members, coupled with quality coffee drinks from Monastery Coffee and warm and filling toasties (that are available in the sweet or savoury range) brings together for an enjoyable experience at this cafe that is cleverly tucked away from the busy strip of the city, but also maintains a central and attractive spot within the CBD.

KIK Toastie with Nutella

A final note for all chocolate lovers - thanks to the collaborative effort between InspiredBUY and the KIK crew, a delicious range of homemade chocolates are being sold at just $2.50 and all proceeds will help the vulnerable youth (those facing poverty, homelessness, abuse, or violence) immensely. To put it into perspective, selling around 200 chocolates in a week will work towards removing a young child out of poverty. All customers can easily track the impact of this purchase here. Special thanks to Mercy Me Marketing for the invite to celebrate the launch of this wonderful cafe and to the team at KIK Coffee for their warm hospitality.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

  Where: KIK Coffee 9 Light Square, Adelaide SA 5000 Open: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm & Saturday 9:00am - 4

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