Taste the Flavours of Inside Morocco

Inside Morocco on Magill Road have been around for years selling beautiful handmade Moroccan products and holding Moroccan-themed events but now you can taste the flavours of Morocco with the newly opened Cafe/Tapas Restaurant.

Owner Med Ghanmi loves to share the best of Moroccan food and hospitality with everyone that visits his establishment "I want people to feel like they are at home with family." When we entered the store we were greeted with a warm and friendly welcome and it really did feel like we were family! He took us on a tour of the premises showing us all the Moroccan wares for sale and the Shisha room at the back. The decor makes you feel like you have escaped to an Arabian adventure with the hanging lanterns, kilim rugs, ottomans and gleaming brass tray tables.   There's even a Royal Tent were you can have your own private area to eat, drink and be merry!

Royal Tent Room

Before we ordered our food we decided on the refreshing traditional Mint Tea. Our host Med poured the tea from a teapot with a long curved spout from a height of at least 12 inches which created a foaming of the tea in our small tea glasses. The tea is then poured back into the teapot and this process is done two more times. This ritual is done in front of the guests signifying hospitality and friendship as well as increasing the mint flavours of the tea.

Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea

For lunch we ordered the Haloumi Salad with grilled haloumi, fresh pear, toasted walnuts and rocket. The salad had a zesty tang from the fresh lemon dressing which was a perfect match to the grilled haloumi. A lovely light and fresh salad.

Haloumi Salad

For something more traditional we ordered the Tajine of the Day which was chicken on the day we visited. The chicken is marinated with garlic, lemon and traditional Moroccan spices and cooked in an earthernware pot similar to cooking a pot stew. The chicken was so tender and flavoursome we licked the bowl clean. The tajines are served with flatbread and couscous.

Chicken Tajine

Chicken Tajine

This isn't our first time feasting on Moroccan food. We were fans long before but now we can proudly proclaim to be fans of Inside Morocco. It ticks every box; flavoursome food, warm hospitality and atmosphere that takes you on an Arabian journey. Inside Morocco is our inside tip for a taste of authentic Moroccan fod. We've already booked our next visit and so should you!


Where: Inside Morocco 149 Magill road, Stepney

Open: Tuesday - Friday: 8:00am until 4:00pm & Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am until 6:00pm

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