Claymore Wines Launch the Ian Rush Signature Series Shiraz

A first for Claymore Wines as they launched their Shiraz signed by Liverpool legend Ian Rush at The Gallery late October 2016. The Claymore wine family is already well known for their production of Grenache and Riesling in the Clare Valley. This time, however, the real star of the night was the full bodied Shiraz signed by Ian Rush.
We met with Anura Nitchingham, owner and founder of the winery. Anura's story is interesting: He fell into wine making after practicing as a doctor and has since been converted from drinking beer to wine.  The connection between Claymore Wines and the Liverpool Football Club comes from Anura's love for the famous club. His passionate for the Reds has now been transformed into a perfect drop of Red! Ian Rush is the 364 goal tally Liverpool legend making him a true LFC icon and the perfect symbol for the inaugural Claymore Wines Signature Series label.


Photo by Catherine Lethbridge

Wine maker Marnie Roberts is very passionate about her wines and her intuitive approach to wine making has shone through the wines that we tasted on the night. We were highly impressed by the Ian Rush signature series Shiraz. The Shiraz was very smooth and full bodied. The skins from the grapes are fermented for 25 days rather than the usual 10 days, then matured in French oak for 36 months. Only 1000 bottles were made so it is very limited to the first purchasers (only 6 per person).


The Ian Rush Shiraz Series - Photo by Catherine Lethbridge

Our other favourites were the Riesling for the whites and the Shiraz for the reds. This Riesling is well rounded, lovely in the mouth with a sweet note to it, albeit still very crisp. We truly fell in love with this Riesling. The Cabernet Sauvignon was only a short second to the Shiraz and overall, we couldn’t fault any of the wines.
The Gallery, with its second floor dedicated to events, was a well chosen area for a crowd of Liverpool fans, food bloggers and wine lovers. The Gallery served amazing little canapés and a classic cheese board but every effort was made to showcase the wine and not disturb the ambience so a big thumbs up for the service of this restaurant!


The Ian Rush Signature Series Shiraz is available for from the Claymore Wines website.

Where: Claymore Wines 7145 Horrocks Highway, Leasingham

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