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Let's get social! Social Street S2 is a new Thai restaurant at 174a Hutt St, Adelaide at the busy Hutt St food precinct. Tempting Palates was invited to sample some of their dishes. We also invited along fellow bloggers Goodfoodthyme and Whats On The List for an impromptu bloggers night out!

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Owner Kyra Wang was our gracious host for the evening as she guided us through a never-ending Thai feast. Kyra explained "Social Street S2 is a restaurant where people can feel comfortable to be social while having a drink and some authentic Thai dishes". Kyra sourced Chef Polly from Bangkok to help bring her Thai menu to life.

Social Street

For Entrees we were served the Spring Rolls, the Seaflower and the Fish Cakes. The spring rolls are hand made with a vegetarian filling. They were crunchy and flavoursome.

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Spring Rolls

The group favourite was the Seaflower consisting of chicken, squid, prawn with a light red curry sauce. The dish was visually stunning and although it's not a traditional dish it was delicious! It had a tasty sweet and spicy creamy sauce and we loved the dumpling texture.

Social Street-12


The Fish Cakes with cucumber and peanut sweet chilli sauce was another tasty dish. The fish cakes had a fresh and spicy taste with the sauce having a subtle sweetness with a fresh cucumber flavour.

Social Street-10

Fish Cakes

The Chilli Plate is a side plate of four different kinds of authentic Thai sauces. The first sauce was the Chilli Powder sauce which had kaffir lime leaf and chopped onions. This was a very spicy sauce. The second sauce was the Seafood sauce with garlic, chili and coriander.  The third sauce was a Tamarind Chili sauce that had a lovely sweet, yet spicy flavour from the blending of chilli powder and fresh chilli. This one was our favourite. The fourth sauce was the Soybean Chilli sauce. These chilli sauces are great accompaniments if you want to add extra spice to any of the main dishes.

Social Street-20

Chilli Plate

The first Main served was the Chicken Pad Thai consisting of rice noodles, bean sprouts, chives and crushed peanuts. This was a high quality Pad Thai dish cooked with the Social Street home made chilli sauce to give it a nice spicy kick.

Social Street-22

Chicken Pad Thai

Next we had the Roast Duck Curry with sweet lychee, pineapple, cherry tomato, eggplant and tender slices of duck with a red curry sauce. This dish had natural sweet flavours from the lychee and pineapple. So if you like your meals sweet - this one is for you!

Social Street-24

Roast Duck Curry

The Phat Krapow Moo Sab with authentic Bangkok style stir-fried pork mince with basil is a traditional dish. It's a plain dish but the chilli brings it to life. Make sure you eat this one with rice to absorb the salty flavour.

Social Street-29

Phat Krapow Moo Sab

The Pla Beef with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, red onion, spring onion mint and street pla sauce was a refreshing dish. The beef was tender and the chilli flavour comes alive gradually after you have a few spoonfuls.

Social Street-38

Pla Beef

The Basil Beef with onion, spring onion, capsicum, assorted vegetables in a Thai spicy sauce had several elements to it. The crunchiness of the fresh vegetables complimented the spicy tender beef.

Social Street-35

Basil Beef

The Plar Rad Prik is a deep fried dory fish fillet with Social Street S2 signature sauce - this was an amazing dish. The stir fried red curry sauce was enhanced by the secret signature Social Street S2 sauce which was sweet and flavoursome. The dory fillet was fresh and cooked perfectly.The deep fried basil gave it a crispy texture. This was an outstanding dish in taste and visually.

Social Street-47

Plar Rad Prik

The Clear Noodle Salad had mince pork, prawns, black fungus, squid, chinese celery, tomato and a lime chilli dressing. The seafood flavours of this salad were very prominent. The black fungus gave it a jelly like texture while the salad itself was light and refreshing.

Social Street-43

Clear Noodle Salad

We finished off sharing the dessert of Coconut Sticky Rice with Coconut Custard. The aroma of the coconut is enticing to this sticky and sweet dessert. The added touch of mint and coconut milk on top is delicious and the bamboo flavoured custard gave it a whole different flavour. It was a delight to eat.

Social Street-52

Coconut Sticky Rice with Coconut Custard

Social Street S2 is a great place in Hutt St to go for dinner sharing dishes and having a few drinks to end the working day. We had a fun and enjoyable experience which is exactly what the philosophy is for Social Street S2 - get social while having a drink and delicious food. Everyone went home with content stomachs and a smile on their faces. This place certainly deserves a return visit!


Where: Social Street 174A Hutt Street Adelaide

Open: Mon - Sat 8:30am - 11:00am, 11:30am - 3:30pm & 5:30pm - 9:30pm & Sun 5:30pm - 9:30pm

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