Gelista Premium Gelati Media Night

There is only one thing better than a scoop of gelato; and that is: freshly made crafted gelato! Tempting Palates was invited to a factory tour of Gelista Premium Gelati.

Wine gelato served to us at the start of the event

This was certainly the highlight of the evening at the Gelista factory media event where we had the chance to try some of the best gelati we have ever tasted. Observing the crafting process and then having the chance to try it “straight from the tap” was quite an experience. The flavour and consistency of this freshly made Marble Hick Cherry Ripple were far too good to describe.

Freshly made Marble Hick Cherry Ripple

The event started with a very welcoming reception from the Gelista team, including business owner Peter Cox. Right from the start, we were offered a taste of some wine and beer gelati, moving on to a short presentation about the business history. From the cautious choice of ingredients, mostly from local producers, to the level of commitment with artisan style crafting techniques, every aspect of the Gelista products seems to be handled with the most dedicated care.

Gelista retail jars (500ml)

For a business that started off less than 7 years ago, concentrating its efforts in covering the demands of chefs and restaurants for a high end product, we can only be glad that they are now in the retail market with a range of flavours sold in 500 ml jars. If we were to pick a few, we wouldn’t miss on the refreshing taste of the Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate, the perfect balance of the Ricotta, Fig and Honey and the nuttiness and appeal of the Lightly Salted Caramel Macadamia. And that would be just the beginning.
Words & photography by Joao Reis

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