Burganomix at 2/1 Colley Tce, Glenelg is the latest burger joint in Glenelg and Tempting Palates were invited to the VIP media launch. It's a casual retro looking  place with plenty of seating that suits the vibe of a burger joint in a beach area.


Head Chef Aaron Roussos is at the reigns with his team of merry men like the "Tasmanian Devil" on plating up duties and the "Bad Boy" watching over the grill which makes for a dedicated and boisterous bunch of guys serving up some tasty burgers!
"Tasmanian Devil" and Aaron Roussos (left to right)

We ordered Onion Rings and Chicken Wings for starters because that's just a must to go along with a burger! The onion rings are so good. You won't find gluggy thick batter on these rings; just a perfectly thin batter that's crispy and crunchy.

Onion Rings

There are two types of Chicken Wings - Smokey BBQ and Sweet Chipotle. Yes, of course we tried both! If you've read our previous posts then you know we love our wings! Both were crispy and well cooked. As for taste - this is were we both differed in opinion. One of us loved the Smokey BBQ wings with its smothering of sweet tangy BBQ flavoured sauce while the other preferred the Sweet Chipotle wings that had a spicy tangy sauce. So everyone's taste buds were satisfied!

Smokey BBQ Chicken Wings


Sweet Chipotle Chicken Wings

For the Burgers we got a little too excited and ordered the Wild Western, the Fog Horn and from the Vegetarian menu, the Grecco. With such a large selection of burgers it was hard to choose just one. The good thing about Burganomix burgers is the generous amount of ingredients with lots of variety.

The Wild Western has a beef patty, Hollandaise sauce, onion rings, pancetta, avocado, lettuce and cheese. We liked the textures of this burger. The crunchiness of the onion rings complimenting the softness of the lettuce and the generous serving of smashed avocado. This burger is one of their most popular for a reason!

Wild Western

The Fog Horn has a chicken patty, avocado, Spanish onion, chipotle pepper sauce, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and cucumber.  The chicken was tender and well marinated. The spicy chipotle sauce was cooled down by the smooth smashed avocado while the fresh tomato and lettuce gave it a more healthy burger feel.

The Fog Horn

The Grecco is the Veggie burger that impressed us the most. With grilled mushrooms, grilled haloumi, roasted zucchini, roasted eggplant, onion and rocket how could you not love it? This burger had so much flavour. Vegetarians will love it and meat eaters won't even realise there's no meat! The haloumi gave this burger a salty burst while the capsicum gave it a sweet roasted tang. This burger was our favourite. It was served with sweet potato chips which were just divine.

The Grecco

Burganomix is good for a quick and casual eat when your down at the Bay. It has a great selection of Burgers to suit everyone's taste buds and a large variety of drinks to wash them down. The staff are fun and friendly while the boys in the kitchen are full of fun even when they're busy making those burgers!

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