Villa 77

Villa 77 Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant at 77 Unley Road, Parkside was in our sights as we love ourselves some Spanish food. Having arrived early, it was nice to get a chance to look over the Latin American decor and get a sense of the festive vibe of the restaurant. It's cute and cosy and instantly inviting. There's even a small function room you can book if you want to have your own private function.

Tonight we were having a 7 course degustation plus dessert consisting of Croquette de Jamon Serrano, Berenjenas, Tortilla Espanola, Patates Bravas, Albondigas a la Asturiana, Gambas a la Plancha, Calamares and for dessert the Churros.

First up were the Croquette de Jamon Serrano served with a gourmet roast tomato relish. The croquettes were so soft and fluffy on the inside with a thin crumbed exterior. It had a lovely creamy texture and the ham and cheese flavours were mixed very well.

The Berenjenas are crumbed eggplant and manchego with herbs. They had a tasty garlic flavour and a soft crispy outer and with each bite just melted in your mouth. 

Next was the Tortilla Espanola which is a traditional Spanish omelette. Whilst the flavours were there and it reminded us of omelettes we've eaten in Spain, this one was a bit on the dry side. 

The Patates Bravas are crispy fried potatoes topped with tomato chilli jam and fresh tomato salsa and aioli. These potatoes were crispy, crunchy and delicious. The lovely flavoursome salsa had all the tastiness of onion, coriander and fresh tomatoes and we just wished there was a little more. We couldn't get enough of this dish.

The Albondigas a la Asturiana are spicy meatballs served with house tomato sage. Whoah! Talk about spicy! We were in spicy heaven with this salsa. The meatballs were flavoursome and you could really taste the onion in them. Without the salsa they were a bit on the dry side though.

The Gambas a la Plancha are fresh barbequed South Australian prawns in their shell with lemon and four seasoned spice mix. The prawns had a lovely sweet and succulent taste. These were another favourite and you could tell they were fresh. Great bbq flavours.

Lastly the Calamares - fresh local squid with lemon garlic aioli. For fried calamari they were perfectly cooked. So soft and tender with the crumbed coating having a nice little hint of pepper. We loved them.

For dessert we ordered the Churros with chocolate sauce.  Nice and crunchy with a soft fluffy centre and it's always a bonus when the sauce has a hint of Cointreau. It's hard to go wrong with Churros and luckily they were of a good standard and finished the degustation on a lovely sweet high note.

The service was friendly and casual in a professional manner. The staff were happy to answer all our questions and accommodated each of our requests. Not knowing what to expect from Villa 77 we went there with no expectations and ended up leaving thinking about when to come here next. Well it didn't take us long as we have already made our next booking - that's how much we enjoyed the experience!

(VP) Very Palatable

Berenjenas (Eggplant) and Croquette de Jamon Serrano
Tortilla Espanola
Patatas Bravas
Albondigas a la Asturiana
Gambas a la Plancha and Calamares


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