Mamak at 366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne is always on our dining list when we visit Melbourne. We love this Malaysian hawker style cuisine restaurant. Each time we visit this casual eatery we always order something different and we never get disappointment with the food.

On this occasion we ordered Nasi Goreng, Rojak, Roti Canai and the Chicken Satays.

Nasi Goreng is Malaysian style fried rice with spicy sambal, eggs, prawns, french beans, assorted vegetables and topped with fried shallots. One thing is for sure, Mamak's spicy sambal is definitely spicy and it adds that kick that we just love. The dish itself is tasty and all the ingredients are all freshly cooked. You can't go wrong ordering this!

The lovely staff at Mamak recommended the Rojak. We noticed a lot of customers ordering it and decided to give it a go. First thing you notice is how visually stunning it is. This dish is a Malaysian style salad with prawns, coconut fritters, fried tofu, hard boiled eggs, freshly shredded vambean and cucumber topped with a thick spicy peanut sauce. It had so many elements but it all worked well. Such a fresh and tasty salad. 

We always order the Roti Canai which is the original roti. It may be plain but it's definitely the best roti we've had so far. Unlike other rotis, this one doesn't crumble into tiny pieces. It's soft, fluffy and just perfect in combination with the spicy sambal sauce (our favourite) and the curry which is a little more mild for those who cannot handle their food too spicy. 

Lastly, we had the Chicken Satays which is another standard order of ours. The skewers have a great charcoal flavour along with the Malaysian spices. The sweet and spicy peanut sauce is also very flavoursome. We often use the left over sauce to scoop up with our roti!

On this occassion we didn't order dessert as we ordered too much food but we do tend to order the Roti Pisang because we love the combination of roti, bananas and ice cream. We will definitely have that again next time!

Each time we dine here, the food, service and vibe is consistent and that's why we always return. If only there was one in Adelaide then we wouldn't need to travel so often!

(VP) Very Palatable

Nasi Goreng
Roti Canai
Chicken Satays

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