Ketuts Kitchen

Ketuts Kitchen at 95a O'Connell St, North Adelaide is a quaint Indonesian restaurant that we decided to visit one Saturday afternoon. We have wanted to try this place for a while now but just never made the time until now.

For Entrees we ordered the Kroket Kentang which are sautéed and crumbed potatoes filled with vegetables and beef. These had a lovely creamy mash of potato which balanced well with the veggies and the crunchy outer. They were really delicious and the best dish of the dining experience. 

Our Mains were the Beef Rendang and the Nasi Goreng Ayim. The Beef Rendang had lovely spicy flavours but unfortunately was very dry. It definitely needed more of the coconut sauce. The small pieces of dry onion was a nice touch as it gave it a crunchy texture. We also had some sambal sauce which was amazing. This added a lovely spicy kick and made us forget the dryness of the beef. 

The Nasi Goreng Ayim consisted of chicken, carrots and shallots. It was a nice dish and had fresh and tasty flavours. It was also served with prawn crackers and pickles which I'm sure isn't traditional but fun to have on the plate none the less.

All in all Ketut's Kitchen is a nice place for a quick lunch. The food is reasonable and the service is friendly. It's definitely worth a try if you hunger for Indonesian food and want to reminisce about your last trip to Bali!

(P) Palatable

Krotet Kentang
Beef Rendang
Nasi Goreng Ayim


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