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Being Food Bloggers and having a presence on the Restaurant Search Guide Zomato, we were invited to the first Adelaide Zomato Meet Up Event held at the cool and funky restaurant Vietnamese Laundry at 154 Sturt Steet, Adelaide. We were so excited as the restaurant had been on our hit list. So thanks to Zomato, we got to try it sooner than we expected. 

You could tell straight away that this place had been a Laundromat in its previous life and the owners Alex and Tin have designed the decor to pay homage to that part of the buildings history. Added with their own style and flair, they have created a warm and cosy hangout where you can listen to some cool tunes and eat some fabulous food. 


Food is certainly a big family influence and all the food served tonight were recipes from Tin's family. She has taken those recipes and added her own touch to create a wonderful blend of Vietnamese fusion food.

First up was the Pho (Beef Noodle Soup). This was simply delicious. We may not be experts in Vietnamese food but the Pho we were tasting was far from being average - it was amazing. This was the best Pho we have tasted in Adelaide so far. It had a beautiful mix of star anise, cinnamon, ginger and onion just to name a few ingredients of this flavoursome Pho. Tin tells us that a good Pho takes a long time to make so all the flavours can infuse and come alive and yes, we could certainly taste that.


After the first amazing dish how do you follow it up? Just serve a second amazing dish! The Grilled Mussel with Spring Onion Oil and Crushed Peanuts was simply divine. We must confess that mussels are not our favourite seafood so we did hesitate at first and boy, are we glad we tried them! The combination of the garlic, chives and the delicous sweet sauce worked so well together and the peanuts added a crunchy element to this dish. We are not ashamed to say we even ate some of the fellow bloggers left over mussels. Perfect, amazing and every other word you can think of that describes delicious! Hopefully this is included on their regular menu as it deserves top billing.

Grilled Mussel with Spring Onion Oil and Crushed Peanuts

In between dishes we were also served Jasmine Tea which was refreshing. Also served were some alcoholic drinks - the Lychee Mojito, a Pho Cocktail and a Strong Iced Tea. All drinks were refreshing and great for a nice Summers day.

The Pho Cocktail was more of a savoury cocktail with the strong lemongrass and coriander flavours. Surprisingly it was a great mix for a strong drink.

Pho Cocktail

The Lychee Mojito was lovely and sweet. So easy, maybe a bit too easy to drink and not realise how potent it is. We loved it.

Lychee Mojito

The Jasmine tea was also refreshing to help digest all that delicious food.

Jasmine Tea

The most surprising was the Strong Iced Tea. Sweet alcoholic Iced Tea. Need we say more?

Strong Iced Tea

Next up was the Lettuce Cups served with Roast Pork and Lemongrass Chicken. Although a bit messy to eat it didn't stop us! The pork was crispy; just the way we love it and the chicken was juicy with flavours of lemongrass. The lettuce was fresh and crispy as were the carrots. This was also a tasty menu item.

Lettuce Cups served with Roast Pork and Lemongrass Chicken

Lastly was the Shared Tasting Plate. Now this is a platter filled with a variety of gastronomic delights that has something for everyone's palate. Consisting of Lotus Chips, Soft Shell Crab Golden Cups, Pork Ribs, Prawn Coated with Young Green Flake Rice and Steam Buns. Where to start?! The lotus chips were lovely crispy and crunchy. 

Shared Tasting Platter

The soft shell crab was the spiciest dish of the night. It had a distinct seafood taste and was very tasty. 

The slow cooked pork ribs had a caramelised balsamic vinegar glaze and were just delicious. The beautiful sticky tamarind sauce was a stand out.

The prawn sticks were the surprise of the night. Served as a whole prawn in its shell covered in a lovely crunchy coating of young green flake rice. It can be a bit daunting to know you are eating a whole prawn but the crunchy coating disguises that fact and you enjoy a very different and tasty prawn dish. This is a very traditional dish and we loved it for that. It was exciting to try new food and going out of our comfort zone.

Shared Tasting Platter

The steamed buns were also delicious. The buns were soft and fluffy. The meat was soft and tender and along with the fresh cucumber and carrots it was exactly how steamed buns should be.

Our night at Vietnamese Laundry was a fantastic night. Owners, Alex and Tin have such a passion for food and have invested alot of love and dedication to setting up their dream and it shows. Along with great company, amazing food and with such warm and friendly hospitality from the staff and owners you really can't ask for a more perfect night.  

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