Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant

Ying Chow at 114 Gouger Street, Adelaide has been a constant reliable Chinese restaurant whenever we've wanted to have a no frills good feed. We have never been disappointed and we know what to expect each time we visit.

On this occasion we ordered the Ying Chow Premium Tea Smoked Duck,  Shallot Pancakes, Deep Fried Shredded Beef and the BBC - Broad Beans, Bean Curd and Chinese Chutney.

The duck was just perfect. The smokey flavour was just delicious blending well with the crispy skin. This dish surely is value for money. Great flavour, great taste and so tender.

The shallot pancakes are also another favourite. The crunchy pastry on the outside and the lovely shallot flavours on this inside.  You just can't stop eating it and it's hard if you have to share with someone else.

The shredded beef is up there with the best we've tasted. Its lovely crispy crunch and the tasty sweet sauce is so delicious you just keep going back for more. 

The broad beans are also a great dish. A decent serving of fresh crispy beans along with the bean curd and chutney which all blend well together. 

The service on this occasion was very friendly and attentive. This is not a usual occurrence and we did wonder what was happening. Perhaps the bad reviews on Zomato condemning the service has made them see the light. 

All in all, if you don't have high expectations of the service at Ying Chow then you will not be disappointed. We always dine there with full knowledge of what to expect and that's for a guaranteed decent feed. 

(P) Palatable

Ying Chow Premium Tea Smoked Duck

Shallot Pancakes

Deep Fried Shredded Beef

BBC - Broad Beans, Bean Curd and Chinese Chutney

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