The Ghan Kebab House

One of our favourite Afghan restaurants is The Ghan Kebab House at 364 Prospect Road, Kilburn. We have been dining here since the days of when it was a small old take away shop. It has now blossomed to a large restaurant with real Afghan charm in its decor. We have been here countless times and have never been disappointed with the quality of food. This occasion was no exception.

We ordered the half serve of the Charcoal Chicken with Rice, Bread, Salad and Sauce and the Chicken Tikka Skewers and a skewer of the Shami Mince Chicken. On this occasion the lamb was not our list but on previous visits we have had the lamb and found it just as tasty as the chicken.

The half serve Charcoal Chicken, which can also be ordered as a whole, was cooked perfectly. It was tender and juicy with lovely spices to give it a kick. The outer skin had a lovely charcoal flavour and it was simply a joy to eat. The salad which consists of small cuts of tomato, cucumber and lettuce was fresh and crispy.

The skewers of Chicken Tikka were also well cooked and the tame spicy flavours are well balanced. Every time we dine here the meat is cooked to perfection. Juicy and tender! Using a chunk of the freshly made bread, we made our own mini wrap filling it with the meat, salad, yoghurt and a hint of the spicy sauce! Delicious!

The Shami Mince Chicken skewer was spiced nicely and was cooked to perfection also.

From the very first time we dined at The Ghan we were hooked. The food is fresh, of high quality and so delicious. The service has always been polite, friendly and attentive. Each time we dine there we have the same great experience.  It's nice to go to a restaurant and be impressed every single time.

(VP) Very Palatable

Charcoal Chicken






Chicken Tikka and Shami Mince Chicken Skewers


Salad and Sauces





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Our Rating

9 Very Palatable (VP)

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