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When you think of steak you automatically think of Gaucho's Argentinian Restaurant at 91 Gouger St, Adelaide, however, they also offer an Argentinean menu that deserves to be explored. After our wonderful experience we now think Argentinian first when we think of Gaucho's. Tempting Palates was invited to try the Argentinian menu options and all food and drinks provided on the night were free of charge.

Gaucho's has been an Adelaide institution for almost 30 years. Now that's longevity in the restaurant game! To be around that long you need to be on top of your game and for over 18 years proud owners Joe and Tony have been making sure the standards have been kept high. After buying the recipe of the famous Gaucho's Chimichurri sauce from the previous owner, they teamed up with another famous South Australian icon, Beerenburg Farms and the sauce is now bottled and sold in stores and supermarkets. They also sell the Gaucho's Diablo sauce which is perfect for seafood dishes.

Gauchos Chimmi Sauce & Diablo Sauce

There was a large selection of different dishes and to start with we had the Artisan Sourdough bread, the Oliva and the Picada Con Berenjenas En Escabeche. All the elements in these dishes were of fresh and high quality products. The Artisan Sourdough bread came with extra virgin olive oil and organic sea salt. Along with the Oliva - warm mixed olives with chilli paprika, lime and tequila. This was a nice starter to get our palates going. 

Artisan Sourdough Bread, Oliva and Picada Con Berenjenas En Escabeche

The Picada Con Berenjenas En Escabeche consisted of a selection of artisan salumi and house charcuterie with pickled eggplant, mustard and crostini. This was a lovely platter of good quality products with our favourite being the pickled eggplant. It had a lovely spicy kick that had us wanting more!

Picada Con Berenjenas En Escabeche

The next round of dishes were the Empanadas De Carne, Empanadas De Frijol Negro, The Provoleta and the Chorizo. It's easy to just feast on all the Primer Plato menu items as they are simply delicious.

The Empanadas De Carne are traditional Argentinian pastries filled with beef, olives, egg and raisins. The empanadas had a home-made flair with a chef's standard of quality - rustic and delicious. Even though there wasn't large quantities of beef evident, it didn't bother us as the main focus was on the taste and texture which definitely impressed us.

The Empanadas De Frijol Negro are the vegetarian option of the traditional Argentinian pastries which consisted of black beans, spinach and provolone cheese. The provolone complimented the mix of black beans and spinach really well. These were also rustic and delicious but we must say the lovely melted provolone won over our taste buds. Who can resist melted cheese anyway?

The Provoleta is a terracotta baked provolone cheese with roasted peppers, green chimmichurri and grilled sourdough. This dish is best eaten as soon as it comes out as you want to taste the provolone when it is warm with its lovely melted stretchy cheesy texture. The flavours of the roasted peppers were simply divine and the green chimchurri sauce, although not too spicy, added a nice touch.


The Chorizo is a special Gaucho's recipe which is made by a local South American butcher in Adelaide and consists of chargrilled pork and fennel sausage. The chorizo had a lovely spicy flavour and it was cooked perfectly. We couldn't stop at just one slice. Definitely one of the tastiest chorizo we've had in Adelaide.


The side dishes served were the Calabaza and the Brocoli. The Calabaza are roasted butternut pumpkin pieces with smoked butter and spiced pepitas. What a great combination! We did not expect this dish to be so delicious. We loved the flavours and the peptitas added a nice crunchy texture to compliment the beautiful sweet and smokey flavour of the pumpkin.


The Brocoli is fried broccoli with anchovy, chilli, garlic, pan grattato and parmesan. Another flavoursome dish. The broccoli was nicely cooked and was crunchy and well seasoned. A lovely combination of flavours that really worked well together.


The star of the night was the Paella De Mariscos which consisted of the Chef's selection of fresh seafood, oven baked with Calaspara rice, aged chorizo, saffron, paprika and white wine. We agreed - this was the best Paella we have tasted in all of Adelaide. One of us is generally not a huge fan of seafood paella so when that person goes back for seconds you know it's good! The dish came with a very generous serve of fresh seafood and not just for us bloggers as one of the tables behind us had the same generous serve. The seafood was cooked perfectly with a variety of crabs, prawns, calamari, fresh oysters and mussels. The rice was spot on! It was soft and perfectly moist just like an amazing paella should be. The lovely flavour of saffron was evident throughout and we loved it.  This is the dish Gaucho's menu should be famous for!

Paella De Mariscos

Of course there was also steak on the menu for the night and we were served a Bife De Chorizo which is a Riverine - New South Wales 450g grain fed New York strip steak that is aged for 42 days. No surprises that this steak was delicious. It was so juicy and tender - cooked perfectly and together with the famous Gaucho's chimmichuri sauce it was pure heaven!

Bife de Chorizo

Lastly for dessert we had the Churros served with Salted Caramel and Raspberry Couli dipping sauces. These churros were simply divine. They definitely were one of the best churros we have had. They were warm and crunchy on the outside and so light and fluffy on the inside. The best dipping sauce for our liking was the salted caramel. Just perfect!


We must admit we were one of those people who thought of Gaucho's as a place for high quality steaks only but tasting tonight's menu just proved how wrong we were. Along with the amazing steaks there is a whole menu of amazing Argentinian food that they should be known for too. Every dish we tried was of high quality and simply delicious. We now have a new perspective on Gaucho's and it's always nice to see a long standing restaurant as something brand new!

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