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Our little side project for some Tempting Palates members is to feast in the Ethnic Clubs of Adelaide and Campania Sports and Social Club at 5 Famechon Crescent, Modbury North was one of them. There's a wonderful world of amazing and delicious food to be had at these clubs where the cooking traditions are still held true by the immigrants who now call Australia home.

From the moment we rang to make the booking the warmth and friendliness was evident and it continued right up to when we entered the Social Club hall. Italians certainly know how to feed the masses with great food. The Campania Club have pizza nights at least three nights a week. This is where you have a choice of traditional pizzas along with various pasta dishes and even schnitzels. The pizza menu is pretty much standard for all nights but the other menu items can change on any night.

To start we ordered the Garlic Pizza which has fresh garlic, olive oil and oregano. The pizza base was nice and soft. A little thicker than we expected but it was flavoursome.

We shared five pizzas between us - two serves of the Campania with the Lot, the Vegetarian, the Spinach and the Prawn pizza. Each pizza we had were home made style and all the bases were nice and soft with a slight thickness. Don't think of this as a bad thing or as ordinary as they all had great flavours and were delicious. There is also the option of adding dry chilli to your pizzas.

The Campania with the Lot had mozzarella, salami, tomato, mushrooms, capsicums and black olives.  A great combination of ingredients and the salami, although it wasn't too spicy, gave this pizza a nice zing. 

The Vegetarian had mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, capsicums and black olives. Basically the Campania with the Lot but without salalmi. Meat lovers would say that vegetarian pizzas are boring but not this one. It had fresh tasty ingredients and the lovely melted mozzarella cheese to give it flavour.

The Spinach pizza was a nice surprise. Even though it only consisted of garlic, spinach and mozzarella it was very tasty and flavoursome. Spinach can sometimes be overpowering but not in this case and it blended in nicely.

The Prawn pizza had tomato, mozzarella and prawns. This was the most bland out of all the pizzas. It needed some garlic or a more thick tomato base. None the less it was still pleasant.

Even though all that pizza gave us a food coma we did end the dining experience with dessert. They have a selection of Italian cakes but we opted for the Gelati.  The favourite flavour was Hazelnut but we also had Vanilla and Chocolate. All delicious!

The Campania Club is a great night out. It's value for money with a choice of many 12 inch size pizzas at $14.00 or less. The volunteers who run the club are lovely and have that warm Southern European hospitality. There were hugs and kisses all round even though we had never met before! If you are planning to go on a Saturday night it is best to pre-book a table as this place fills up quickly.

(VP) Very Palatable

Garlic Pizza

Campania with the Lot Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

Spinach Pizza

Prawn Pizza


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