Dumpling King

An old Chinatown favourite is Dumpling King at 85 Grote St, Adelaide, corner of Moonta St near the Adelaide Central Markets. This casual and popular eatery is a staple of the Chinatown area and we have eaten here on many occasions. From the table layout and its simple looking decor, you will find it is convenient for a quick and easy feed.

There are plenty of menu options to choose from and we have eaten lots of them on previous visits but today was just a quick stop and so we ordered our favourites: Fried Chicken and Prawn Dumplings and a serve of Special Fried Rice.

The dumplings are so delicious. Dumpling King is consistently good with its dumplings and that's a great sign and the reason why people just keep going back. The prawn and chicken blend well together, the ingredients were fresh and the dumplings were fried nicely to have that slight crunchy texture on the outside while still being soft and tasty on the inside. Mixed with the chilli and dried shrimp sauce and an added touch of vinegar, it doesn't really get any better than that if you like dumplings.

The Special Fried Rice was also tasty and flavoursome. It had a generous amount of the standard ingredients of bamboo shoots, fried egg, peas, chicken, carrots and prawn. It was lovely and moist enough, yet not too oily. It's a simple and delicious dish.

We love this place! You know what you are getting at Dumpling King and that is quick service and delicious food that is always up to the same great standard.

(VP) Very Palatable

Fried Chicken and Prawn Dumplings.

Special Fried Rice.

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