Africola at 4 East Tce, Adelaide has been on our list of places to visit for a very long time. As soon as we walked in, we noticed the funky and eclectic decor and could feel and see the homage to South Africa. The ambience has a feel of homely casualness with hints of superiority. An exciting mix and something that sits well within the Adelaide dining scene.

The menu is just as interesting as the decor. On arrival you are served Corn Bread with the soft Goats Curd. We ordered the Biltong, Ash Potatoes, Roasted Whole Cauliflowers, Yoghurt Double Smoked Carrots and the OP Die Spit of the day which was Lamb.

The Corn Bread was a great start for something familiar before the wonderful wild ride of a South African culinary adventure started. The bread was soft but not too moist which blended well when you smothered it with the tangy delicious curd.

The Biltong is served in a small brown paper bag which gives it an intrigue like when you were kid and the corner deli would use one to fill your lollies. In this case you got small thick chunks of dried beef that were dark in colour around the edges with a nice red spot in the middle. Although chewy, you couldn't help but keep trying for another. The flavours were quite clean and subtle. 

The Ash Potatoes with preserved seaweed and soft goats curd were an interesting taste sensation. When you aren't used to seeing black potatoes it can be daunting but once you take a bite it conjures up a mix of interesting flavours and tastes. The ash certainly gives it that earthy taste and texture. 

As with the previous dishes, you just couldn't expect ordinary so when the Roasted Cauliflowers came out they were far from it too. Roasted in the wood oven until nice and crunchy, the cauliflower was topped with amazi bread, black garlic and buttermilk. It was a tasty combination of ingredients and the sauce with black garlic was nice to smoother the cauliflower in.

The Yoghurt Double Smoked Carrots were one of our favourite dishes. The sweetness of the carrots blended well with the yoghurt and the smoky charcoal flavour. The crunchy yet soft texture just showed how well they were cooked. Everything about this dish was just delightful.

After all the lovely side dishes you need a great roast to compliment them. The roasted lamb was just amazing. It was well seasoned and cooked just right; it was so tender it simply melted in your mouth. You couldn't help but hope this dish wouldn't end. The side dish for the lamb was a lovely Pap and Sheba which is a fine maize that looks like polenta or a mash, added with a thick burnt tomato glaze.

As always we had to try the dessert and on this occasion we chose the Hazelnut Ice Cream with lemon cream, caramelised white chocolate and corn crumbs and the Peppermint Crisp with buttermilk mousse, dark chocolate and peppermint almond praline. If you have ever had a Peppermint Crisp chocolate bar then you will surely recognise the flavours in this dish. This dessert was certainly a visual delight with its bright green colour and the taste did not disappoint either. Our favourite though was certainly the hazelnut ice cream. The combination of the white chocolate and corn crumbs won over our taste buds and created a crunchy buzz with each bite. Is it wrong to want to order a second helping? Ok, yes after all that food it would have been but we were so tempted!

For something different we tried the Bluna cocktail which consists of Elephant Gin, Orange Wine, Gooseberry Shrub, and Rooibos Cola. Its a very sweet drink but delicious and refreshing. It reminded us of an adult version of an orange Fanta drink.

A special mention goes to our waiter for the night. Jordan was amazingly patient and answered all the crazy questions one of us in the group asked at every opportunity. He was professional, attentive and humorous. Thank you, Jordan!

Africola isn't an ordinary restaurant. It's definitely an eclectic and surprising one for Adelaide. From the decor, to the exceptional service, to the different yet delicious food you can't help but be absorbed in the South African feel. To dine at Africola you must have an open mind and no expectations of standard menu options. If you love to be a little adventurous then Africola should definitely be on your list to experience.
(VP) Very Palatable

Corn Bread and Goats Curd.


Ash Potatoes.

Roasted Cauliflowers.

Yoghurt Double Smoked Carrots.

Roasted Lamb.

Pap and Sheba.


Hazelnut Ice Cream.

Peppermint Crisp.

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