Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant

Having purchased another dinner voucher deal, this time it was time to try Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant 419 Magill Road, Saint Morris. When you don't know what to expect from a new restaurant, a voucher is a great way to try it. This was another unexpected great experience.

Our voucher deal consisted of the meat plank for two with char-grilled eye fillet, chilli chicken, chorizo, olives, vegetables and charred ciabatta (bread) along with a glass of wine each. What an amazing offer at $28.00 for the two of us! The char-grilled eye fillet was cooked medium and it was so juicy and tender. The spicy green chimmichurri sauce complimented the eye fillet well and gave it another dynamic that delighted us.

Even though the chorizo was the most ordinary meat on the platter, we enjoyed the hint of garlic, chilli and paprika it gave us. All the pickled vegetables were beautifully marinated with a nice balance of garlic and vinegar.

The standout was the Hoosegow's signature dish of the chilli chicken. The beautiful flavours of the chilli and charcoal were a nice blend and the chicken was well cooked. We really loved the chilli chicken and already know now that when we go back this dish will definitely be first on the ordering list.

We also decided to order a side dish of Fat Chips with jalapeno aioli which wasn't part of the voucher deal. The fat chips were lovely and crunchy. Being fatter than normal chips, it gave you more taste of the inside potato which was fluffy and matched perfectly with the zing of the jalapeno aioli.

With such an impressive tasting so far we couldn't pass up the chance to try the desserts. The menu selection was definitely tempting our palates and we decided on the Ice Cream Sandwich - salted caramel ice cream, burnt butter sable and a malted milkshake and the Chocolate and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mousse - pedro poached pear and hazelnut meringue. 
The mousse had a dark and rich flavour and the poached pear had a nice distinct sweetness. We weren't too convinced on the hazelnut meringue as it was a bit to chewy and had sticky texture that wasn't much to our liking. 

The absolute star (along with the chilli chicken!) of the dining experience was the Ice Cream Sandwich. One bite of this dessert and we were hooked. We loved the salted caramel taste together with the beautiful crunchy biscuit which was a delight to eat together. Simple ingredients put together that wowed us. We should have had two of those!

The service was outstanding. Our waitress was knowledgeable, attentive and very accommodating to our every request. Combined with the delicious food we couldn't fault this experience and will definitely dine here again.

The name Hoosegow was chosen to standout and be different and so is this place. It may be hard to pronounce at first but once you mastered saying it, it's so easy to remember. You won't forget the name but more importantly you will not forget the food.

(VP) Very Palatable

Meat Platter for two.

Fat chips with jalapeno aioli.

Chocolate and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mousse with pedro poached pear and hazelnut meringue.

Ice Cream Sandwich with salted caramel ice cream, burnt butter sable with a malted milkshake.

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