The Curious Squire

We were looking for a local and casual dinner place and The Curious Squire at 10 O'Connell St, North Adelaide was just the place for it. From the moment we walked in the friendly and accommodating staff gave us a great first impression. All the staff we encountered on the night had the same level of service which is commendable. The lovely staff member seated us on the end of a group table which wasn't an issue for us. It actually adds to the vibe of the busy, hustle and bustle that a pub/bar should have. 

Our orders were placed at the counter and while we sat waiting for our food another staff member approached us and explained that we had to be moved due to a reservation on the table. We did not mind being moved at all but the staff member insisted on offering us a complimentary dessert for the inconvenience caused.

By the time we were seated at our new table our food arrived quite quickly. We ordered the Char grilled Corn on the Cob, Fried Chicken Wings, the Mac 'n Cheese Sundae and the Trio of Sliders. Sounds like a lot of food? Yes, it sure was! I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! One thing is for sure; the servings are generous and plentiful. 

The corn on the cob was char-grilled too much on one side and slightly under-cooked on the other. The taste was certainly better having smeared the butter all over the cob but we were a bit disappointed with that one.

The chicken wings were tasty and the sauce a tad spicy which one of us thought was just the right level but the other one had to add Tabasco to it to get the right kick. The chicken was well cooked and the marinated sauce mixed well with the ranch sauce.

Next up was the Mac and Cheese. This dish is huge with its layers of cheese and macaroni and the added smoked pulled pork, pork rind, cole slaw and onion ring just to top it off. It's best eaten while it's still hot. The flavours worked well together and the best part truly was the mac and cheese while the pulled pork was almost too much. Definitely a sharing dish.

Lastly, the trio of sliders - Smoked pork, Philly cheese steak, and the Cheeseburger. The best slider was the Cheeseburger with its melted cheese and pickles which gave it some flavour. The other two were a bit lacklustre. No inspiring taste and a bit too bland and dry for our liking.

By this stage we were full but there is always room for dessert, right?  Of course we planned ahead and had a tiny bit of room saved to taste the Nutella Pizza with roasted marshmallow, Nutella, strawberries, mint and ice-cream. This colourful dessert was impressive at first sight but after biting into it we found the cooked Nutella a bit hard and dry as was the pizza base. You definitely needed the ice-cream to give it some softness to be able to bite into it without too much crunch. Somehow the mint did not seem to work with the overall combination of flavours either so unfortunately we did not enjoy it as much as we thought we would.
All up the Curious Squire experience was a good one. The staff certainly made you feel important and valued. The food was plentiful and a decent American pub/bar feed.

(P) Palatable

Char-grilled Corn on the Cob.
Chicken Wings.

Mac n Cheese Sundae.
Trio of Sliders.

Nutella Pizza.

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