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On a cold windy Friday night we decided to have dinner at Si Senorita Cocina Y Bar at Marina Pier, Holdfast Shores, Glenelg. Inside the restaurant the ambience was warm and cosy with Spanish music playing in the background. If it wasn't for the wind and rain outside we could have been mistaken for being in Spain! Tonight we had a dinner date with fellow food blogger Adelaide Food Central. We all wanted to try a variety of dishes and ended up ordering the "Senorita Please Feed Me" option for $59.00 per person.

Our first set of dishes were the spiced roasted almonds, assorted olives and a bread loaf with balsamic and olive oil. The almonds were nicely spiced and crunchy, the olives had a lovely Spanish style marinade, however, the bread was rather disappointing. It was obviously heated up to try disguising the staleness and the longer we left it, the staler it got.
The Antipasti plate consisting of chorizo, Jamon, Salchion, Manchego cheese and Spanish Tortilla (omelette) was really tasty and the tortilla tasted just like the one we have had in Spain. 
Paella Arancini balls were next on the list and we had specifically requested them from the specials board. What a clever concept to have paella in an arancini ball. Great flavours with a crunchy outside.
The Albondigas are handmade pork and beef meatballs roasted in a rich Spanish tomato sugo which came out next. They had a lovely tasting sauce with a bit of spice to it and plenty of capsicums to give it some texture.
Next were the Alitas De Pollo - chicken wings roasted with smoked paprika in a tomato salsa. This dish reminded me of my Grandmas home cooked chicken tomato sauce. Whilst there's nothing wrong with home cooked dishes, our expectation of restaurant standards are higher. There was a lack of distinctive flavour with this dish even though the chicken was well cooked and falling off the bone.
To our surprise we were served another chicken dish for our final savoury feed. We had the Pinchos De Pollo - marinated chicken skewers with tomato salsa and saffron. Once again the chicken was well cooked, tender and juicy. The charcoal taste gave it a bit of a kick but unfortunately the flavour was still bland for our taste buds.
To finish off our "Senorita please feed me" experience, we were served Creme Catalana with blood orange sorbet and Churros with vanilla ice cream and chocolate dipping sauce. The Creme Catalana looked perfect from the outside with its slightly caramelised surface but once cracked through, the creme on the inside had not quite set yet which made it too runny. However, we did really enjoy the taste of it. If cooked perfectly, this could have been the winner of the night.
The Churros looked appetizing with its lightly browned colour and covered in icing sugar lined up alongside a small jar of dipping chocolate. Again, this dish was almost perfect if it had not been served with a watery dipping sauce. 
The overall experience was a pleasant one with attentive service from our charming Brazilian waitress and the charismatic owner who entertained us each time he came past. Despite having a variety of dishes, the absence of a seafood dish was quite surprising. I wonder how our Spanish amigos would feel about that...

(P) Palatable

Bread with balsamic and olive oil.


Anipasti plate.

Spiced roasted almonds.
Arancini balls.

Albondigas - meatballs.
Alitas De Pollo - chicken wings.

Pinchos De Pollo - Chicken skewers.
Creme Catalana with blood ornage sorbet.

Churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

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