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It is always nice to walk into a restaurant and to be greeted with smiling faces. This was the welcome we received from the waiting staff at Saigon Gate at 141 O'Connell St, North Adelaide. On this occasion one member of the group was food restricted so all dishes ordered had to be non meat dishes. We ordered the Salt and Pepper Tofu for entree and for mains, Sizzling Creamy Garlic Prawns, Pad Thai Noodles with tofu and Chinese Fried Rice without chicken. Asking for exclusions or inclusions to each dish to accommodate us was no problem at all. The waiting staff even came back to clarify whether certain ingredients were suitable. The service is definitely high quality which added to making the experience a pleasant one.
Whether the dishes are traditional is debatable but what can be said is that they are tasty and well cooked. The Salt and Pepper Tofu was well seasoned with the right balance of salt and pepper. The Sizzling Creamy Prawns were so delicious we used every bit of rice and even our salt and pepper tofu to soak up the creamy garlic sauce. The Pad Thai Noodles, although not authentic, had a nice spice kick to it and the fried rice tasted exactly the way it should - non greasy and packed with vegetables.
Saigon Gate North Adelaide is a nice place for a decent feed at a decent price.

(P) Palatable

Chinese Fried Rice without chicken.

Sizzling Creamy Garlic Prawns.

Pad Thai Noodles with Tofu.

Salt and Pepper Tofu.

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