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Asking a local for a good restaurant recommendation is usually the way to go. So on a Sunday afternoon we found ourselves at the Prancing Pony Brewery 42 Mt Barker Road, Totness by recommendation of the bus driver at Monarto Zoo. The smell of hop from the live brewing of beer welcomed us into this large brew shed. The decor resembles a modern beer house with its eclectic stools and high table tops, normal tables as well as chairs and large vintage couches for a more casual sitting. Obviously the main focus of this boutique brewery is the art of making different types of beer but today our reason for the visit was to try the food.

The menu consists of German dishes, burgers and platters of different meat and cheeses. The menu is not extensive but as we found out quality is more important here than quantity. The group decided on a variety of dishes so we could share and taste as many as we could. We ordered the German style Buttered Pretzel, Curry Wurst with tomato curry ketchup, a mixed Meat and Cheese Platter, Beef Short Ribs and Chunky Wedges.

Upon ordering at the counter we engaged with one of the owners, Corinna who is German and was happy to converse to our German speaking Tempting Palates members. Her enthusiasm and passion truly showed when she spoke about the Prancing Pony Brewery and the restaurant itself. We couldn't help but also get swept up in the excitement. Corinna's focus was on traditional tasting German food and good quality produce which is sourced locally.

The first plates to arrive were the buttered bretzels and the wedges. Our German assures us that the bretzel was definitely the same quality of the ones in the homeland. The wedges weren't your ordinary common style as these were oven baked and seasoned with rosemary and hop infused olive oil. 

The next dish to come out was the curry wurst. This dish is a very popular "on the run" snack all throughout Germany so the expectations were high for the German member of the group. Even though the sausage itself was not authentic, the distinctive curry sauce that went with it surely was.

Next up was the mixed platter that consisted of crunchy fresh bread, fried Bratwurst, Croatian salami, Lachsschinken (cured pork meat), pickles, pickled onions, camembert and blue vein cheeses. A great selection of fresh produce from local sources such as Skara and Angus Park Fruit.

The stand-out dish and the highlight for all of us were the beef short ribs. This dish just melted in our mouths. The soft and tender meat fell off the bone with ease and the sauce was well worth dipping your bread into. Corinna told us that the beef is marinated in black and copper ales which give it that amazing flavour and taste. We would go back just for this dish alone! 

After all those savoury options we just had to try the dessert. We opted for the Café Latte ice cream with dark chocolate mousse and chocolate covered popping candy and the Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge. The coffee ice cream was sweet and creamy and a delight for non coffee drinkers as the coffee taste was quite subtle. The mousse that went with it complimented the flavours very well. The chocolate brownie was still warm when it reached our table with the vanilla ice cream melting all over it. It was sitting on chocolate fudge and also had the chocolate covered popping candy to go with it. What more could we have asked for?

Prancing Pony Brewery is a lovely place to visit especially if you are driving up to the Adelaide Hills for a day out. The combination of boutique beer and locally sourced food compliments each other so well that it makes you want to visit again and again.

(EP) Extremely Palatable

Buttered Bretzels.
Curry Wurst.

Mixed Meat & Cheese Platter.
Beef Short Ribs.

Beef Short Ribs.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Cafe Latte Ice cream and Dark Chocolate Mousse.

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