Loft Wine Bar Autumn Menu Launch

Tempting Palates was invited along with other bloggers to the launch of the new Autumn menu at Loft Wine Bar 128 Gouger St, Adelaide. We were greeted by Manager Eddie and started off the evening with a glass of bubbly which was one of many wonderful drinks and cocktails to compliment some amazing food.

Our first cocktail was the Cobbler. A beautifully presented drink consisting of vodka, apple liquor, cranberry, apple and ginger cider. It had a sweet refreshing taste with a hint of ginger.

The Cobbler

The first dish of the night was the Truffle Sui Mai. The truffle really lifted the flavour and gave a normally plain Sui Mai a twist of elegance. The first one we tried was a bit chewy but the next one was just perfect (flavours were so good you couldn't resist seconds!)

Truffle Sui Mai

The vegetarian option for the dumplings consisted of cherry tomato, cheese and onion.

Vegetarian dumplings

The Gin Fizz No 53 was a fresh citrusy cocktail with Gin, Prosecco and various herbs such as dill, mint and thyme. This one was a more sour tasting yet refreshing drink.

Gin Fizz No 53

The Peking Duck pancakes with spring onion, cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce were very flavoursome. The duck was so tender and well cooked. One of our favourite dishes of the night.

Peking Duck Pancakes

The next cocktail was the Zombie consisting of Rum, pineapple and lime juice, Grenadine, passion fruit and Falernum. A strong and refreshing drink with a definite kick of fruitiness. 

Zombie in a glass


Zombie with sparklers

The Garlic Butter Bug Tails with green paw paw, crushed peanuts and fresh chili was another amazing dish. The side garnish gave it the chili kick to compliment the tender meat of the bug. We couldn't resist having seconds on this one either! 

Garlic Butter Bug Tails

The Georgia Julep cocktail consisted of minted Bourbon, peach and seasonal berries. This drink packed a powerful punch and the berries gave it the sweetness to combat the Bourbon. 

Georgia Julep

The Lamb Cutlets with tomatoes, basil, red onion and olive oil were tender, well cooked and full of flavour. Some of the lamb cutlets were a bit fatty but this didn't distract from the taste. Actual fact; our anti-lamb Tempting Palates member was so tempted to try this dish and the verdict was a thumbs up! The great flavours that included paprika, cumin and pepper won her over. We have been trying for years to tempt her to eat lamb. Great work Loft Wine Bar!

Another dish for the vegetarians were the Pumpkin and Sage Arancini Balls. We managed to cheekily pinch one of these from the lady next to us. The first bite was really crunchy and once you got to the rice you could taste the flavours from the pumpkin and sage.

Pumpkin and Sage Arancini Balls

The Contender with its strawberry infused Gin, mandarin and rosemary syrup, lemon and apple juice was a creamy silky fruit sensation. We would describe it as a dessert cocktail with burnt marshmallow.

The Contender

The Deconstructed Cheese Cake with textures of cheese cake, short bread biscuit, berries, caramel and mint cream was a great dish to end the feast of food. It had enough sweetness to balance all the flavours and give our taste buds that final wave of satisfaction.

Deconstructed Cheese Cake

The star of the evening was the Coffee Experiment. This is the Loft's Signature Espresso Martini consisting of dark Rum, spiced caramel and Shiraz reduction and espresso. They have served over 138,000 of these since their opening averaging around 170 a week.  This drink took you on a journey of flavours. From the first taste of freshly brewed espresso to a kick of dark rum and then finishing off to the hints of spiced caramel and Shiraz reduction.

Loft Wine Bar has always kept its standards high and this evening certifies that the new Autumn menu continues just that. It's packed with a fusion of modern Asian and Australian cuisine and beautifully created cocktails to suit all tastes. Eddie's knowledge and history of where each cocktail originated from was both entertaining and educational and it helped build the anticipation when ready to try each one. We left with smiles on our faces, full stomachs and a little bit tipsy!

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