Mestizo Cocina Peruana

There are so many amazing aspects to Mestizo Cocina Peruana at 114 Partridge St, Glenelg South - having a Peruvian restaurant in Adelaide, waiting staff who are knowledgeable in Peruvian cuisine and the interesting menu with each dish being beautifully presented - just to name a few. We went for the banquet and all the dishes were quite different from what we had ever tasted before - different textures, different flavours and there was more than plenty of it too! 
The star dish for the majority of the group was the Costillas De Chanco; Peruvian style pork ribs which were very tender and tasty. The other highlight was the Papa Rellana De Langostinos: Fried stuffed potato with prawns, coriander and aji panca. This is a traditional Peruvian croquette that had a hint of spice to compliment the ingredients.
The only downfall of this restaurant was the seating arrangements. The style of dishes in the banquet required cutlery and a dinner table yet we were seated on a lower style cocktail table for 3 hours bending over constantly to reach for food and drinks. This was mentioned to the owners and they apologised for the inconvenient arrangement. 
To finish off an outstanding variety of savoury Peruvian dishes, we received a delicious dessert of lightly salted Caramel Cake with strawberries and sorbet. This dessert really complimented the whole banquet experience as it wasn't too sweet but enough to satisfy our palates and leave us with a feeling of WOW!

Rating: 7.9 (VP) Very Palatable


Causa de Salmon - in house hot smoked salmon, pimento rojo and corianda salsa, chimichurri.

Costillas De Chanco - Smoked charcoal huacatay marinated pork ribs, roasted sweet potato and chimichurri,


Lomo Saltado - wok fired beef fillet, aji amarillo and ginger sauce, tomato, onion and papas fritas.


Papa Rellena De Langostinos - Fried stuffed potato with prawns, coriander and aji panca.


Solterito Salad - queso freso, botija olives, andean corn, cherry tomatoes and hucatay vinaigrette.


Tiradito Nikkei - Yellowfin Tuna - fish of the day with ginger, coriander and sesame seed.


Yuquita - fried cassava balls, huancaina sauce and house made queso fresco.
Dessert - Lightly salted caramel cake with passionfruit curd and topped with quinoa toffee slice, chica-marada mascerated strawberries served on an apple crumble dusting and palate cleansing aguamanto sorbet garnished with fresh mint clippings.

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