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We had mixed reactions for our Tempting Palates dinner experience at Press Food and Wine, 40 Waymouth St, Adelaide. The ambience had a warm and inviting feel to it but unfortunately the service was a let down with the exception of the manager.

The consensus was the entrées (smaller plates) were tasty and impressive looking as opposed to the main dishes which most in the group  described as bland. The standout dishes were the Quinoa and Lentil salad, the Veal Spare ribs and the Trio of Sorbets for dessert.

Despite the underwhelming experience Press Food and Wine gave us, most in the group stated that they would go back to give it a second chance. There is just that vibe about this restaurant that draws you back in....

Rating 6.6 (P) Palatable

Read more on our Press* food and wine experience from Tempting Palates member The Food Artisan:

Bread and butter


Chorizo and red pepper with choka sauce
Quinoa and lentil salad


Deep fried crab
House-made pappardelle seafood pasta




House-made spicy beef sausages with confit onion and mash
Chocolate tart and rhubarb ice cream


Raspberry bomb Alaska




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